cCru Event

If you are in the 6th - 12th grade you don't want to miss this fun filled day of rides! On August 6th we will be leaving the church at 7:30am to enjoy Kings Dominion for the day. We will return around 11:30pm and the cost is only $40 for your entry and transportation. Be sure to click the graphic for the rest of the details and to sign up!

Baptism SUnday

At CrossPointe we believe that baptism is our first step in obedience to Christ. Have you made a decision to follow Christ and just haven't taken that step? Baptism doesn't take anyone to heaven, but it does publicly declare our new life in Jesus. Every Sunday we celebrate new life in Christ, but there is something special about baptism Sunday's. If you would like to be baptized or have questions about baptism, sign up by clicking the graphic!

Watch Live!

If you can't join us at one of our in person gatherings, you can watch the latest live stream right here! Currently, our live stream begins Sunday at 10am, but you can also connect with us through Facebook anytime. We also live stream on YouTube, so if you find that easier, be sure to subscribe to our channel for the latest updates and messages. Thanks for joining us!

Baby Dedication REgistration

We love babies, but raising a child is hard work! Baby dedication is an opportunity for you to publicly commit to raise your child in a godly way. Baby dedication doesn't guarantee your child a place in heaven, but rather serve as a daily reminder that they are a gift from God to cherish and to instruct. We would love to help you make this commitment. Feel free to ask us a question or register by just clicking the graphic.

ccru students

Sunday afternoons are awesome at cCru! This is for all 6-12th graders. We meet at the HUB directly behind the main church building. We play pool, ping pong and have food every Sunday at 4pm. Pastor Chase and his wife Rachel will be your hosts. At CrossPointe, we see cCru as the church of today.  So join us for a time of learning who God is and what He desires for your student. No sign up is required and you are welcome to bring a friend.

  • Welcome! We are so glad you are here!

    Thanks for visiting our website! We hope you will consider being a part of one of our live worship experiences very soon. The past 16 months have been incredibly challenging for all of us. Now more than ever we need the fellowship and encouragement of other people on this journey we call life. After almost 12 years of being portable, we have just acquired our first permanent facility and we couldn't be more excited to give you the grand tour! Our prayer is that you would enter CrossPointe feeling welcomed and leave full of hope and encouragement. 

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